UIS Journalism

A hub for aspiring Italian Journalists: United Italian Societies collaborates with prominent Italian national newspapers to offer an invaluable opportunity for students in our network. This initiative is designed for those interested in pursuing careers in journalism. Participating students will have the unique chance to author articles, thereby enriching their résumés and showcasing their skills. More importantly, as Italian students studying abroad, they are invited to share their perspectives on ways to improve Italy. This program aims not only to amplify their voices but also to explore innovative ideas to make Italy an even more appealing homeland, enticing them to return.

UIS x Il Foglio

Our first partnership

Ritornare o non ritornare in Italia?

di Nicola Rotolo

Cosa manca alle università italiane?

di Danila Patti e Maria Alessandra Panzera

Com'è cambiata la vita a Londra dopo la Brexit?

di Fabio Carolla e Umberto Belluzzo

Want to write with us?

Head of Programme

Elena Bonacini

Elena is a distinguished graduate in English Literature from the University of Oxford, where she completed both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Elena’s international experience was further enriched by a year in the United States at Hershey High School, Pennsylvania, under the prestigious ITACA Scholarship from the Italian government. Beyond her studies in literature, Elena is pursuing an Art History Diploma at the University of Cambridge, covering European art from the medieval to the Baroque era.