Connecting Italian Students around the World

Building a student-led community of shared cultural values

Our Vision

UIS is a unique, student-led organization. Our mission is to unite Italian university societies for collaborative projects with political and corporate stakeholders. Our goal is to spotlight Italian excellence and bridge it with emerging talent. Additionally, we act as a conduit, enhancing communication between institutions and students on vital issues, ensuring a perfect blend of innovation and mentorship.

We are a non-profit dedicated to uplifting Italian student societies abroad, adding value to those students who decide to leave Italy and study in a foreign country. Our goal is to promote the circulation of Italian talents globally, connecting them and enriching their international experiences.

Our Numbers

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Our Objectives


We aim to harmonise a network between Italian students who study abroad.

Connecting Institutions

We develop a direct contact between students in our network and Italian institutions.


We support and promote students in our network by offering various student-led initiatives.

The determination of the students from United Italian Societies in connecting future leaders is commendable. The ambition and dedication they have shown with the first edition of the Italian Symposium is a source of pride for all Italian institutions in the United Kingdom. Therefore, I am particularly pleased to offer the support of the Embassy and my personal support to the initiative, through which we build bridges between Italy and the United Kingdom and follow a virtuous path of reflection and cooperation that can help grow the new generation of Italian leaders in the UK and the world
Inigo Lambertini — Ambassador of Italy to the United Kingdom

Our Global Presence

We are currently expanding our activities and support programs, thanks to the dedication of our talented volunteers. In each country, our administrations are tailored to meet the unique needs of Italian students, ensuring they receive the most effective support possible.

Guide allo studio

Within our network, we are striving to inform Italian students about how to apply to universities abroad and what it means to study there. Some of our chapters have presented free e-books to support this objective, which you can find below.

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