Studenti unITi

A support programme for Italian university students in collaboration with Italian Consulates in the UK

How can we help you?

United Italian Societies has partnered with the Consulate General of Italy in London to support Italians studying at UK universities. Italian students can face several difficulties during their experience abroad. Between study visas, expiring passports, pre-settlement status and university fees, Italian students need support and guidance more than ever to solve these problems. The service was first launched in the UK and is now being extended to the countries where UIS is active.

Students helping Students

Our Services

Some of the issues we can help with..


Our student-led team can assist you with every aspect of your lost or stolen identity documents, from new passports issuance to processing renewals of Electronic Identity Cards.


We can help you register for the AIRE system, update your personal information, and answer any questions that you might have about the process. We are here to provide you with the assistance you need to ensure that your registration is complete and accurate.


We provide assistance and support to students seeking help with regards to legal documentation, specifically related to the Notary office. We provide guidance in matters such as Power of Attorney, driving licenses, and much more.

Civil Status

We offer comprehensive assistance with matters relating to the registration of civil status deeds. We can help with matters such as changes in name or surname, birth registrations, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, and more.

Academic Qualifications

We provide support to students on the declaration of the value of academic qualifications, particularly in regards to recognizing Italian academic qualifications in foreign universities.