Become a Mentee

Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentee with us! We always encourage anyone to apply as soon as possible. This would give us more flexibility during the matching process between Mentee and Mentor.

United Italian Societies is a no-profit organisation that has the sole objective of supporting and promoting Italian students in the UK. This mentoring programme aims to boost the careers of deserving Italian students by connecting them with Italian professionals from Finance, Law, Consulting and many other sectors. This service is provided for free, with the efforts of fellow Italian students.

Any Italian student from a university abroad that is interested in a career in Finance, Law and Consulting is encouraged to apply.

Ambitiousness and curiosity are the key things we look for in a candidate. Your grades are not the first factor for our selection process because we believe they reflect only a small fraction of your personality, and definitely not all your interests or ambition in facing new challenges. All Italian students in the UK are welcome to apply, independently of their grades.

The selection criteria are based on:

  • One motivational letter that describes why you would like to participate in this programme (Max 300 words).
  • Extracurricular activities (internships, competitions, entrepreneurship, scholarships and voluntary work)
  • Your CV

You would join a community of other young Italian talents that help each other while seeking personal and professional improvements; together with a professional and competent mentor that generously dedicate their time to help motivated students in overcoming challenges similar to what they faced in the past.

It is fundamental that mentees understand that their mentor is there to provide tips and suggest several options or your life; they are not there to teach you technicalities or help you in your daily lives.

The relationship between mentee and mentor will consist at least of 1h meeting every 2/3 months. During these meetings, mentees will need to have an active role. Here are some suggestions to maximise your experience in the programme:

Before the meeting, plan a list of key things you want to discuss, to optimize at best your time.

Do not let what was discussed during the meeting to get lost. Instead, try to get a deeper understanding of what key points you learned during the weeks after the meeting.

Be aware of the fact that mentors have decided to become mentors because they are willing to help! Sometimes they might be extremely busy, but do not give up and keep in touch with them.